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Terms and conditions

- By registering on the Veta-Form platform, you declare that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions.

The following terms apply to this Agreement and the Terms and Conditions:

- Subscribed user: Anyone who has paid a lifetime subscription to access our training .

- Registered user: Anyone who has only registered on the platform .

- The currency symbol used on the platform : We use the $ symbol on the platform to refer to the USDT currency, and it has nothing to do with the US dollar.

The Veta-Form platform has the right to:

  1. Modify or add to any of the terms of this Agreement without reference to the Subscribed or Registered User and will be posted on this page.
  2. Any change in certain policies or procedures may sometimes apply to all current and previous subscribers or in some cases the change may apply only to new subscribers without affecting previous subscribers.
  3. The subscribed user and registered user must provide us with correct information when registering on the platform, such as: full name / gender / date of birth / e-mail / country, and any additional data we need at any time, in case of updating your data, you agree to provide accurate data.
  4. Veta-Form guarantees the confidentiality of user data and that no party has access to it except the employees of the platform, and we ensure that this data is not shared or sold to any third party.
  5. The subscribed user or registered user is not allowed to share personal account login information with any other party.
  6. When the sponsor (the person who registered you) gives you your login information, you should change the password directly to improve the security of your account on the platform, because it contains your financial information. the Veta-Form platform is not responsible if you have been the victim of access to your account without your knowledge.

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